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Stressless Base Plus & Free Accessory Promotions begins Friday!

For a Limited Time only! April 9, 2021 - June 1, 2021

There's something for everyone during this year's Base Plus/Accessory Promotion that runs April 9th through June 1st.

Consumers can receive any of the following offers:

- $500 OFF ALL Classic Power and Signature Base Recliners and Ottomans

- $200 OFF Stressless® Max and Stressless® Mike Recliners

- $200 OFF per seat of Stressless® Emily and Stressless® Mary

- OR choose a FREE Accessory with the purchase of any Stressless® Recliner and Ottoman, Stressless® Classic Power™ (Leg Only or Leg and Back), Stressless® Office, Stressless® Low-back and/or High-back Star Base or Stressless® Sofa.

- Or Receive $50 OFF each dining chair with a minimum 4 seat purchase.

Read below about the specifics of this excellent promotion.

The Stressless Base Plus/Accessory Promotion is rather straight-forward. There are great savings on just about everything Stressless makes! Think of it as three separate promotions, meaning no double (or triple) dipping on this promo.

1) Base Plus Offer:

First is $500 OFF all Stressless Signature and the Stressless Classic Power models! Regardless of which design, size or grade your customer wants to buy you can give them $500 off.

Also, $200 Off the new Stressless Mike & Max designs as well as each seat of Stressless Emily and Mary Power Sofa models! Great deal on some of our newest and best-selling functions, right?

Stressless Admiral is excluded from Base Plus promotion.


2) Free Accessory Offer:

Second is the Free Accessory part. Any other seating unit: (sofa, loveseat, chair, Stressless Classic Chair & Otto set) qualifies for a free accessory item (up to a $595 retail value). Special Note for Emily & Mary: If the consumer opts not for the $200 per seat, but for the accessory upgrade, this is how they will be defined:

A configured material without a corner, i.e. a sofa, loveseat, etc, will be considered one “unit” for accessory purposes.

An Emily Sectional, defined as having one or more seating components on either side of the corner, will qualify for 3 accessories, as all other sectionals do (i.e. a Wave sectional consists of 3 parts: LAF unit, the corner , and a RAF unit)

Qualifying Accessories for Chair and ottoman purchases are those with an MRP of $595 or less and include: Hardwood floor protectors, Elevator ring set, Elevator kit for Signature base, Power Battery kit, Corner table, Ellipse table, Style tables, Swing table, Personal table, Urban table small, USB Table A and USB table B.

Qualifying Accessories for sofa purchases include: Windsor table, Corner table, Ellipse table, Style table, Enigma table, Urban table small, Urban table large, Easy arm table, USB table A, and USB table B

Stressless Admiral is excluded from Accessory promotion.


3) Stressless Dining:

Remember, Dining is also part of all Stressless core promotions this year! Consumer receives $50 OFF each dining chair with a minimum 4 seat purchase.Example: 4 chairs = $200 savings, 5 chairs = $250 savings, 6 chairs = $300 savings, etc.

Good luck with this excellent promotion! As always, thank you for selling Stressless and for being part of the Selling Stressless community. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them below, send us an email at or reach out to your local Stressless Rep. We are always here to help. Cheers.

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